Birth Photography

When I tell people I photograph birth, the usual response is silence.

Birth is not just the moments of crowning and delivery, it’s a love story, the greatest you will ever know.

During birth a woman can draw into herself and alongside hormones, details, timings and events can become a blur. Babies’ first breath, that moment you look upon your new baby for the first time, they are the moments you will treasure the most.

Birth is empowering, and all women are powerful no matter how baby makes their appearance.

I understand what an incredible honour it is to be called to photograph a client’s birth, and I record their babies birth artistically, discreetly, and with professionalism.


Why hire a Birth Photographer?

Documentary birth photography captures the day precious new life begins. All the beautiful tiny details that made that story truly unique so that in the years to come a mother’s birth experience can be reclaimed. Your birthing partner won’t have to worry about capturing these moments and more importantly I can document their journey with you.


What you can expect to be documented through photography

  • Coverage of labour be it at home, hospital, in water or cesarean.
  • Moments of love and trust as the mother draws on strength from her birthing partner.
  • Honest raw photography capturing the intense journey that is labour cumulating in the arrival of precious new life.
  • The amazing transition that is a birthing woman to a mother as your baby emerges into your waiting arms.

What if I go into labour at 3am? Will you still be there?

Absolutely, I am on call for you 24 hours


What if I have a planned or unexpected c-section?

Every birth experience is worth photographing. While it depends on the hospital you are delivery at whether I can be in the operating room with you or not, there are still many important moments I am able to capture during your stay.


There are certain things I do not want photographed, is that ok?

Of course, I will always meet with you face to face before your birth as this is a very important part of the process of getting to know each other, and for you to be comfortable with me attending your birth. These meetings are really relaxed and really just a way to see if you would like to potentially book me as your birth photographer, there is absolutely no obligation to go any further if you feel you don’t want to proceed. After all, birth is very personal and you need to be 100% comfortable with me and how I work in order to go ahead with the birth you have planned.


How many images will you take?

Each birth is different and unique. A long labour will result in more images. On average you will receive around 100-150 finished images on USB.




On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until birth

Unlimited coverage of labour and delivery including 1-2 hours after birth